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Modern capmsites are in fact luxurious well-equipped holiday parks offering amenities which, for a long time, have been provided mainly by top class hotels: restaurants, swimming pool areas, SPA, fitness clubs, sports centres, all-day activities and special areas for children.

We give you modern comfortable fully-equipped mobile homes situated on premium holiday parks in Croatia and Italy. We have combined comfort with functionality and prepared our mobile homes with attention to every detail. Small Camp guarantees high standard holiday homes in each offered location.

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Small Camp Portofelice, Italy

Portofelice is situated in a quiet pine forest on the northern shore of the Adriatic Sea, only 50 km from Venice. This 4-star holiday park offers numerous attractions for both young and adult guests. The campsite offers a variety of pastimes for children in the Kids Club.

from 106 EUR per mobile home
Small Camp Klenovica, Croatia

Klenovica is located by the Adriatic Sea, near a beautiful pebbly beach. The campsite offers numerous leisure activities like water sports, day trips, and range of activities for kids. It is a perfect starting point to explore the charms of Croatia.

from 94 EUR per mobile home
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Small Camp Klenovica,Croatia
Small Camp Il Poggetto,Italy
Small Camp Baia Domizia,Italy
Small Camp Portofelice,Italy
Small Camp Salinello,Italy
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With us you can spend your vacation just the way you like. We give you modern comfortable fully-equipped mobile homes. Our mobile homes are situated in premium camping villages in Croatia and Italy, in which the modern infrastructure is of similar standard to top holiday resorts. Planning a family vacation or a trip with your friends? All of our destinations offer countless attractions and amenities to help make your holidays special.

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Italy, Il Poggetto

"Fantastic place :) Fantastic place :) Highly recommended. All facilities are close to the house. :) Our daughter (5) was delighted with the swimming pool. We had such a great time. Thank you. :)"

Croatia, Klenovica

"High standard mobile homes. Very good value for money. The place is great. This long-due vacation in Croatia was most enjoyable!"

Italy, Portofelice

Superb location. Most professional service, the houses are brand new and really great. The weather did not let us down. I highly recommend the spot to all those who enjoy water and heat."



Why is it a good idea to choose a mobile home instead of a hotel?


Hotels and guesthouses have constituted the core of lodging for many years. Although they are still popular, tourists are now choosing mobile homes more frequently instead. This phenomenon refers to both people who spend their holidays in the country and those travelling abroad. Why is it a good idea to choose a mobile home instead of a hotel? Here are a few significant reasons.


More freedom and comfort

The main reason standing behind renting a mobile home is greater comfort. Why? You don't need to worry that all the noise and raucousness in your room will disturb the people living next door. As it's not a hotel, there are no neighbours behind the wall, who might be bothered by, e.g., a loud cry of your baby. Choosing a mobile home, you can be rest assured that there is no need to be in haste – you don't have to hurry to make it in time for breakfast, to a swimming pool, or a playground to avoid crowds. Additionally, there is a whole, fully equipped house at the guests' disposal instead of a single room with a bathroom. It is, therefore, possible to make use of all available amenities and spend your spare time as you please.


Privacy and serenity guaranteed

Has it ever occurred to you that you can't recharge your batteries surrounded by hordes of people? It's a tall order, especially when you spend your holidays in the company of complaining tourists, who moan about each and every detail. Unfortunately, luxurious hotels are usually packed with holidaymakers, particularly in the peak season. 

A mobile home will provide much more privacy as well as peace and quiet. Marvelling at marvellous vistas and breathing in the fresh air, you can fully unwind and relax. Moreover, you don't have to fret, coming back to your lodging late at night. There aren't dozens or even hundreds of windows and rooms where nosey tourists spend their holidays.


A sense of security

What criteria do you take into account when looking for accommodation? Nowadays, people often consider the safety of the place. The continuing pandemic has a significant impact on their choice. Although many people don't want to expose themselves to Covid-19 and would like to avoid contracting the illness, we all feel increasing fatigue, and we would love to go on a trip. A comfortable house can replace a hotel, and you can feel safe in it due to the limited number of guests. Spending time entirely with your family and friends will make you feel secure, and it will enable you to make full use of your holidays.


High standard

Is it true that only a five-star hotel can be luxurious? It turns out renting a mobile home gives you additional access to many facilities, such as a SPA and fitness zone, swimming pools and special activities for children. It is possible due to their location within the area of premium campsites, which compare to the most deluxe hotels. What is more, there usually are several bedrooms and bathrooms at your disposal, a well-equipped kitchen, as well as a sitting room and a terrace which is perfect for an out-of-doors repose.


If you are planning to go on a trip, you should consider renting a mobile home. Resigning from holidays in a hotel may prove to have been a very wise decision, and finding comfortable accommodation is not problematic. We offer modern mobile homes for rent. They are situated on luxurious campsites in Croatian Klenovica and a few locations in Italy: Il Poggetto, Portofelice, Baia Domizia, and Salinello.

Croatia – where to go?


Croatia is said to be one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It has picturesque landscapes, breathtaking beaches, and fascinating monuments that are definitely worth seeing. All of this makes us more and more likely to spend our holidays in Croatia. Check out what places are a must-see.

Why is Croatia so popular?

One of the reasons why Croatia is a popular tourist destination is its location, situated in the southern part of Europe. It borders Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. Moreover, it has access to the Adriatic Sea. If you love spending time at the beach, you will definitely enjoy this country, especially its coast, consisting of peninsulas, islands, and islets. Those who love sunbathing and swimming in the sea will definitely appreciate the advantages of Croatian beaches and spectacular views which, against the turquoise water, take your breath away.

However, those are not the only advantages of holidays in Croatia. You don’t want to spend your entire holiday just lying on the beach? You can always try water sports (such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, rafting, or diving), admire the scenery during strolls or bike tours, and visit towns full of monuments. In Croatia, even the small villages are quite charming, each one has its unique atmosphere. No doubt that you will come back from these holidays with not only amazing photos, but also great memories.

Holidays in Croatia – where to go?

Having trouble with picking your destination? Klenovica may be the right choice for you. It’s located 10 km away from Novi Vinodolski and is one of a few places in this area that kept its calm and quiet atmosphere. In Klenovica you can find catering areas, swimming pools, and beaches, including a small harbour. Here you can relax from the hustle and bustle, and if you value comfort, safety, and privacy, surely you will be satisfied with your stay at one of our holiday houses. They are located within the Camp Klenovica park, covering 12 ha, situated right next to a rocky-pebble beach. Guests have access to numerous attractions and amenities, such as swimming pool complex, a playground for children, a fish-serving restaurant, gas station, launderette, and a minimarket.

Klenovica is located by the Adriatic Sea. It has a few beaches and a pier which allows you to rent a boat or swimming gear. Other, equally interesting choices are a trip to one of the nearby towns: Novi Vinodolski, Senj or Cvikrenica, or go on a cruise to Krk island. Since Klenovica is first of all a fishing town, you may try your luck in fishing.

Should you chose to spend your holidays in Small Camp Klenovica, you’re guaranteed to have a carefree and safe stay despite the ongoing pandemic.