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Small Camp – used in regards to all companies included in Small Camp group (also each and every future owner and other entities owned by the group) concluding rental agreements with customers.

General Rental Terms – document stating general terms and conditions of rental and stay in accommodation offered by Small Camp via www.smallcamp.coop website and partner sites.

Customer/Booker/Principal Lessee – a person of age, booking a stay and at the same time concluding rental agreement with the relevant Small Camp company.

Stay – a hotel stay means temporary stay at an accommodation facility, with no intention to change permanent residency, based on valid temporary stay permit/booking.

Mobile home/Glamping tent – means mobile homes and tents situated in holiday parks in destinations offered by Small Camp.

High season – means holiday season, in particular July and August.

Low season – period when Small Camp offer is available, excluding the high season months.

Guarantee deposit – amount of money paid by the customer towards potential damages caused in the mobile home/tents or on the campsite premises during the stay by the customer or persons residing with them.

Website – in regards to www.smallcamp.coop

Minimum Stay – a stay booked by the customer, not shorter than 3 nights.

Group booking – each booking of 3 or more accommodational units made by the same person or different persons who, according to their statement, are acquainted and follow unanimous booking and service schedule (including group promotions) and travel together to the same campsite on the same dates.

Administrative fee/levy – a fee for actual proceedings made by Small Camp to adjust initial booking to additional requirements requested by the customer.

1. Bookings


In order to use the services offered by Small Camp, we recommend that you read carefully these General Rental TermsAll and any transactions made via the website is tantamount to acceptance of these Terms and Conditions as it stands on the day of booking. These Terms and Conditions apply to all stays offered by Small Camp and are valid at the time of booking and exclude any other conditions. Small Camp reserves the right to change the conditions at any time. In all instances, the version applicable to the customer will be the one published on the Website at the time of booking. Booking a holiday implies acceptance of the terms and conditions without objection. The present terms and conditions are in English. Any complaint or dispute which may arise concerning their validity, interpretation, execution or application, will be brought by the instigating party before the competent judicial authority for entities each time concluding the transaction with the customer, regardless of the customer’s country of origin.

Bookings are only binding on Small Camp when the company has accepted them. Small Camp has the right to accept or refuse bookings depending on availability, and, more generally, depending on circumstances that may adversely affect the performance of the booking made. The customer must be present for the stay that they have booked. Small Camp informs its customers that the sale of accommodation services provided on a specific date or for a specific period is not subject to provisions relating to the 14-day retraction period applicable to distance selling.


2. Important information


  1. Small Camp offers stays in mobile homes and glamping tents situated on campsites in Croatia and Italy. Small Camp reserves the right to reject and/or charge additional fee for any booking that does not conform to our reception and accommodation capacities. The principle lessee must be a person of age. The full names and ages of all the participants, including babies, must be provided at the time of booking. The provision of any false information may lead to the immediate cancellation of the booking. For obvious health and safety reasons (the swimming pool, possible evacuation of the campsite due to a weather warning or possible hospitalisation during the stay) children will not be admitted unless accompanied by their legal guardians.
  2. The customer expressly acknowledges that Small Camp cannot be held liable for the communication by its partners or by any third party of false, misleading or incorrect information regarding additional services, leisure facilities, other services and their operating dates.
  3. The plans and photos of the accommodation are provided as illustrations. The publication does not constitute offer  within the meaning of the law. The layout and characteristics may vary slightly from one model to another. For the details of each type of accommodation, please refer to the written description of the accommodation available in the “Offer” section at the website. If you have any questions, our reservation service is available at this number: +48 661 640 640 (PL |ENG)
  4. It may happen that certain activities and facilities offered by Small Camp partner campsites are cancelled due to the weather conditions or in the case of absolute necessity, or are not available in early or late season. Small Camp cannot be held liable for operation of any third parties or in case of “force majeure” as a consequence.
  5. Mobile homes/tents are allocated by Small Camp according to availability so as to optimise the planning schedules. The allocation may be modified at any time before the actual handing over of the keys.
  6. Small Camp cannot, under any circumstances, guarantee a specific house/tent number for the type of accommodation selected. Therefore, the customer is not able to choose the house/tent number in advance, and they will not be allocated a house no. before the start of the holiday. Only the destination, dates and type of accommodation are guaranteed.
  7. The comfort-level rating given to campsites in the brochure descriptions or on the website corresponds to a classification system which takes into account local norms in the host country and may therefore differ from norms in other countries. It is only provided as a guide.
  8. Access to the accommodation may be refused if customers’ poor behaviour should disturb the peace and quiet on the host campsite, or/and breaches any of the applicable terms and conditions, both Small Camp rental terms and campsite regulations.
  9. Partner discounts and special offers cannot be applied to bookings that are already fully or partially paid for.
  10. Small Camp will check each offer individually to confirm whether it is applicable. In the case of fraud, the discounted amount will be claimed back from the customer.
  11. If the customer does not arrive on the campsite on their scheduled arrival date, and will not inform about late arrival within 24 hours they will be considered a “no-show” and a refund shall not apply. Small Camp reserves the right to re-rent the accommodation.
  12. The purchase and/or wearing of an identifier (defined each time by the campsite in scope of service and form, i.e. wristband, transparent stamp, etc.) may be required on some campsites to ensure customers’ maximum security and to prevent the entry of unauthorised people from outside of the campsite. The identifier will be valid for the entire duration of the stay.
  13. All of the Small Camp mobile homes/tents have been built after the year 2018. The campsite reserves the right to charge the guarantee deposit according to their own fares towards potential damages caused on the campsite premises or in Small Camp mobile homes/tents.
  14. Bookings are made in an individual’s name and are personal. They cannot therefore be transferred or partially or fully sub-let without prior consent from Small Camp. Small Camp reserves the right to cancel any booking by a customer with whom there exists a dispute relating to the payment of a previous booking.


3. Specific articles related to online bookings on the www.smallcamp.coop website and partner sites


Each online booking constitutes the conclusion of a distance selling agreement and indicates the acceptance, without objection or exception, of these terms and conditions.

  1. Use of the website

The customer guarantees Small Camp of their legal status as an adult, and that they have the legal capacity and all necessary authorisation to use the method of payment chosen to confirm their booking. The customer is authorised to access and use the website for the sole purpose of booking stays with Small Camp. The customer agrees to use the website in a responsible way and in complete compliance with these General Rental Terms and Conditions and with the law and local regulations, including import-export regulations. Without exception, none of the website content as a trademark or service mark, may be used for pornographic, illegal or defamatory purposes or with the aim of damaging the public or private life of any person whatsoever, nor to infringe any intellectual property, name, brand or service rights or any other intellectual property rights of any person or entity. The customer also agrees not to use the website to develop products or services which could be offensive, illegal, threatening, libellous, harmful, obscene, malicious, or reprehensible in any way. Small Camp may cancel services provided to any customer found to be using Small Camp’s services for undesirable or illegal purposes. It is not authorised or permitted to download, save, change, publish or distribute any part of the website content whatsoever without Small Camp’s written consent. The customer is personally liable for the use he makes of the website content. He accepts not to include in the website content any words, images, designs, trademarks or any work whose intellectual property rights belong to any third party whatsoever, without having first obtained appropriate authorisation from its owners.

When making a booking on the website, the customer guarantees that he/she has all rights, permissions and authority necessary to make the booking. The customer accepts personal responsibility for protecting his password and for controlling access to his/her booking/personal account (if applicable). The customer also accepts to be personally liable for any booking or other actions taken using this account. Whilst Small Camp does its very best to maintain the service operational, it can offer no guarantee as to continuity of access to its website and therefore declines all liability for any direct and/or indirect harm caused by the full or partial lack of access, or which may result from the use of the service by an Internet user. Under no circumstances can Small Camp be held liable for damages resulting from a loss of data, any risk relating to the use or to the operation of the website, or of failure to supply the holiday booked with Small Camp including, without limitation, damages arising from an error, omission, malware software, delay or interruption of the service. Similarly, Small Camp will not be criminally or civilly liable for the consequences resulting from inappropriate or non-authorised use of the website or of its content by users or third parties.

  1. Online bookings on the website.

Customers making a booking directly on the website must:

  • fill in the identification form by entering their first and last name, address, e-mail address, and phone number;
  • confirm their full and unreserved acceptance of all of the General Rental Terms and Conditions by ticking the appropriate box before confirming the booking.
  • confirm the invoice address. A booking form and/or voucher will appear and this will summarise: the user’s contact details, the address of the holiday accommodation, the type, quantity and price of the holidays selected by the customer, any applicable discounts as well as the total booking cost and the method of payment chosen.
  1. Payments by credit card on the website

The customer is automatically redirected to the secured site of Small Camp’s partner bank via its secured partner platforms. The bank cards accepted on the website are: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and American Express.
Confirmation of the booking process is made when the “confirm payment” button is clicked. Each and every booking made on-line is tantamount to acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement, without any objections and exceptions.


4. Prices


Legally valid prices are indicated during the online or phone booking. They are subject to change during the seasons and are in EURO, including VAT relevant to the destination country.

  • rental of the accommodation and its equipment and access to the campsite indicated on the booking confirmation.
  • water, gas, and electricity consumption, and services stated in the confirmation of booking as “included in price”
  • access to the facilities of the host campsite, including the entertainment events (unless specific rules apply on the host campsite) and the toilet facilities specified in the brochure and on the website.
  • parking space for one car per mobile home/tent rented.
  • tourist or city taxes or/and waste disposal taxes collected directly by campsite reception or the campsite authorized employee, unless it is declared otherwise in the offer description.
  • booking fees or registration fee collected by campsite reception,
  • extra options such as an additional car (or a trailer), a dog (accepted on certain campsites), bed linen, a baby kit, an extra tent (accepted on certain campsites) and the activities offered by the campsite that are subject to charge – bicycle hire, use of the safe, etc.
  • the house/tent cleaning fee provided each time in the reservation form,
  • guarantee deposits in amount depending on the campsite fares, collected by the campsite reception or the campsite authorized employee, always provided in the booking form. The amount may be changed on the basis of separate regulations. Payment can be made by credit card or in cash.
    The payment method and the price of the deposit can vary depending on the campsite.
  • transport expenses.

These charges are to be paid on your arrival on the campsite, with the exception of fees included in the booking and previously paid. The costs of any additional use of services arising from the voluntary or involuntary extension of the stay (early arrival, weather conditions etc.) are payable by the customer at the applicable price.


These taxes are collected on behalf of local councils and are not included in the holiday price. They must be paid on the campsite on the day of arrival. The campsite may require the customer to pay additional taxes such as a county tax or a recycling charge.


5. Payment terms


Payment terms depend on the method of payment chosen and comply with terms and conditions accepted at the moment of payment via chosen payment processor.


6. Booking confirmations


  1. In all cases Small Camp will accept the booking as soon as it is confirmed and will inform the customer by e-mail or by any other accepted means of communication with customers. The data registered by Small Camp constitutes proof of all bookings and financial transactions made between Small Camp and its customers. The total amount payable by the customer is the sum indicated in the booking confirmation sent by Small Camp to the customer. In all cases, Small Camp reserves the right to refuse any booking in the event of an existing dispute with the customer, of a full or partial non-payment of a previous booking made by the customer. Small Camp cannot, as a result, be held liable for any such events.
  2. Small camp offers stays in mobile homes/tents. Small Camp reserves the right to reject any booking that does not conform to our reception and accommodation capacities. All requests for group bookings must be sent by email to info@smallcamp.coop or made by telephone on +48 661 640 640 and specify that the request is for a group booking. Small Camp reserves the right to consider the booking request before accepting or refusing it.


7. Offer availability


The stays offered and their prices are valid in specific options and amounts for as long as they appear on the website and they are subject to availability. Should a stay that has been booked and paid for become unavailable, the customer will be informed in advance. If no replacement solution is found and accepted by the parties, a refund will be made. Stays offered are described and presented with the greatest possible accuracy. However, errors and omissions in descriptions and presentations may occur. Small Camp may not be held liable for these. Photographs and texts describing the holidays are not contractual.


8. Minimum stay


The minimum stay and price depend on the daily offer and comply with the quotes published on the website. However the minimum stay cannot be shorter than 3 nights.

9. Cancellation – amendments


  1. The customer is the sole person liable to Small Camp, in particular with regard to financial liability and more particularly in the event of cancellation or of a complete or partial amendment to the holiday. All requests to alter the details of your booking must be made in writing to info@smallcamp.coop. The amendments refer to the current holiday season and do not apply to next seasons.
  1. If the amendment is not accepted, the customer must either respect the conditions originally agreed upon or cancel their stay. Any request for amendments made 3 days or less before the beginning of the stay (the date of receipt of the request by Small Camp is taken into account) will be automatically declined.
  1. Any amendments (with the prior consent of Small Camp) to the mobile home/tent type, holiday dates or place of stay may incur an extra charge according to the chosen price offer.
  1. Change of destination is possible only with the prior consent of Small Camp. In case of changing the destination which incurs additional costs Small Camp will charge the customer with levy amounting to 30 EUR.
  2. Any other amendment will be charged at 30 EUR.
  3. Every holiday that has already begun must be paid in full. No discount will apply in the case of delayed arrival or early departure.
  4. If any stay amendment occurs prior to the arrival date and is due to the Small Camp, customers can:
  • agree to accept the amended holiday (dates, place of stay and/or type of accommodation). In the case of a surcharge on the cost of the accommodation, Small Camp agrees to cover the price difference. In the case of a reduction in the cost, Small Camp agrees to refund the price difference to the customer.
  • cancel the holiday, in which case Small Camp will refund the total sum that have already been paid or issue a compensation voucher for the amount paid, valid for a year.


10. Important information


  1. On arrival (usually between 16:00 and 20:00, the hours may vary depending on the campsite rules) the customer must:
  • go to reception with their ‘voucher’ (either the printed or the e-mail on their smartphone),
  • show an official and valid identification document (ID or passport),
  • pay any taxes and fees not included in the price and required on-site, (if applicable).
  • pay the deposit in cash or by credit card (if applicable).
  1. During the stay, all customers must ensure that they, and all those staying with them and under their responsibility, respect all of the host campsite’s regulations. Failure to respect those rules, as well as these General Rental Terms, may result in the customer being evicted from the campsite. Violent behaviour or insulting, racist, or threatening comments made towards other customers or staff will not be tolerated and will result in immediate eviction. In this case, no refund will be made. Small Camp reserves the right to further civil claims if the customer’s attitude/behaviour has negatively affected the good name of the company or the campsite.
  2. Small Camp and the host campsite are not hotel keepers in the sense of closed/consistent hotel facilities and can under no circumstances be held liable for loss or theft of personal possessions or for injuries or damage which may affect customers or their property during their stay. The customer is responsible for their personal belongings and property (bikes, clothes, etc.) during the whole stay. The customer should check with their insurance company to extend their own home multi-risk insurance to cover the accommodation they occupy on the campsite.
  3. Customers are advised to subscribe to a civil liability insurance with the company of their choice.
  4. After registering the arrival, the on-site staff will give the customer: the keys to their accommodation (or an electronic equivalent) card allowing entry onto the campsite (if applicable) and an identifier (if applicable).
    It is the customer‘s responsibility to check their accommodation (inventory, cleanliness etc.) and to report in writing any potential issues to the Small Camp representative on the campsite, at the very latest within 12 hours of their arrival. The staff will do their best to resolve any issues quickly.
    No claims will be accepted later than this. Similarly, no incident that occurs during the stay will be taken into account if it has not been reported to the Small Camp representative within 12 hours.
  5. Departures are from 7:00 and 10:00, or according to rules set by the campsite stated in stay regulation or the booking confirmation.
  6. At the latest, on the day before departure, the customer must make an appointment with Small Camp representative for the departure inspection. These appointments are usually fixed every 15 minutes between 7:00 and 10:00. It is possible to schedule the inspection for different hours, but only after a prior request. The exact time of the appointment will be fixed by the Small Camp on-site representative (or an authorised campsite representative).
  7. The cleaning charge does not include taking out garbage and washing the dishes and kitchen utensils. They must all therefore be left in a clean condition upon departure. If this is not the case, an additional fee may be charged.
  8. Similarly, any object which is broken, lost or stolen during the stay must either be replaced by the customer, or it will be charged for. In such case the customer is obliged to inform the Small Camp on-site representative.
  9. The deposit will be retained if the rented mobile home/tent or the equipment inside are broken or damaged. In case the safety deposit was not collected, Small Camp has the right to claim damages from the customer.
  10. If a customer leaves outside the fixed hours, the on-site Small Camp staff will be the only persons allowed to inspect the technical state and the cleanliness of the mobile home and there is no possibility of appeal against the evaluation.
  11. If the mobile home/tent is left in a good state, the deposit will be returned within 7 days to the credit card. If it is not left in a good state, the deposit will cover the damage costs. (if applicable)
  12. Any damage that may be noted will be retained from the deposit. The customer will be provided with a supporting invoice. If the cost of the damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, the customer must pay the additional amount.
  13. Regarding outside visitors, the campsite may refuse them or require an additional payment. They may be refused access to the pool, entertainment and other services.
  • Visitors are required to register themselves at the reception during opening hours with a valid identity document, and must pay a visitor fee if applicable.
  • For security reasons, the number of visitors is limited to two (2) per rental accommodation, but they shall not be permitted access to the swimming pool or other sports facilities of the campsite. Wearing a temporary identifier is obligatory.
  • Visitors must respect the campsite rules that are displayed in the reception and are under the responsibility of the customers whom they are visiting.
  • Visitors are not allowed to pass the campsite’s entrance barrier with their vehicle and must park outside the campsite in the advised parking spaces or in a public parking lot. Visitors must leave the campsite before 10 pm. The campsite management reserves the right to evict a visitor permanently if the campsite regulations have not been respected.


11. Occupancy limits


  1. For safety and insurance reasons, it is prohibited to exceed the maximum number of occupants specified for each type of accommodation. The campsite manager will refuse entry to any person if the maximum capacity of the accommodation is exceeded. Babies are considered as a person for the purposes of calculating occupancy (due to fire evacuation).
  2. The person who makes the booking must be at least 18 years old, be legally able to enter into the contract under the General Rental Terms and must ensure that all information provided, required to complete the booking, are true and accurate.


12. Customer services


  1. ​Any complaints regarding the non-compliance of facilities with regard to contractual obligations must be reported in writing to the Small Camp representative on-site within 12 hours. If no solution has been found, the customer may send a written complaint to Small Camp within 30 days of the end of their stay either by registered mail to the company address provided in the booking confirmation or by e-mail to cs@smallcamp.coop.
  2. If the problem has not been previously reported to the Small Camp on-site representative, claims will not be taken into consideration. In all cases, no post-holiday complaints will be taken into account, if not reported to the Small Camp representative on-site during the stay.
  3. After the 30-day period following the stay, no claim will be taken into consideration.
  4. Small Camp will process your complaint within 30 days from the date of receiving the complaint in writing.


13. Restrictions


In all events, Small Camp’s liability, regardless of the cause, will be limited to a maximum amount equal to 20% of the cost of the stay.


14. Force majeure and/or exceptional circumstances


  1. If the execution of Small Camp services stated in the agreement will become impossible or significantly hampered due to ‘force majeure’ and/or any exceptional circumstances including, among other, wars, natural disasters, pollution, draught, other weather conditions, epidemic, pandemic, quarantine restrictions, closing of borders or other geographical areas, food shortage and/or rationing of food, traffic conditions, currency trading interruption, strikes, lockdowns (including epidemic and pandemic), terrorist attacks, not taking into consideration if the above mentioned force majeure occurrences and/or other events, or exceptional circumstances were  predictable as of the date of booking, Small Camp reserves the right to withdraw from the agreement without being held liable for failure to its accomplishment. In case of ‘force majeure’ and/or other events, or exceptional circumstances Small Camp has the right to keep all sums paid by the customer.
  2. Small Camp shall not be held liable in case of any change of circumstances, not directly regarding the mobile home/tent. Similarly, Small Camp shall not be liable for loss of enjoyment during the stay caused by, among others, road works or construction works, tumult, noise and other proceedings and their subjective feelings, i.e. smell, conducted in the proximity of the mobile home, power breaks, shop lockdown and the like, including change of opening hours, changes in access to services, including no swimming, no fishing, and  weather conditions including, but not limited to floods, forest fires and draughts.
  3. Small Camp shall not be held liable in case of insect infestation in the mobile home or on the campsite premises, and the customer states that he/she is aware of the fact that the accommodation units are located in biologically active area where existing flora and fauna may influence the facility, and also in case of robbery, damage or occurrence of similar events in regards to customer’s property.


15. Liability


  1. ​Small Camp cannot be held liable in the event of any amendment, cancellation or any other events of ‘force majeure’ which are due to actions of the customer or a third party who is not part of the service provision.
  2. Small Camp cannot be held liable if the booking will fall through in the event of ‘force majeure’, of a partial or total disruption in services or strike, particularly involving the postal services and means of transport and/or communications. The customer hereby declares that he/she is familiar with the characteristics and limitations of the internet, particularly its technical performance, the response time when consulting, enquiring about or transferring data and the risks associated with the security of communications.
  3. Small Camp will not accept any claim or offer any refund relating to the non-provision or poor provision of services which are attributable to the customer or arise from the actions of a third party who is not a service provider or relating to a case of ‘force majeure’.
  4. Unless there is a legal provision to the contrary, Small Camp cannot be held liable for a fault of a third party, in particular of one of its partners.
  5. Small Camp will not be liable for any indirect damages arising from this agreement, operating losses, loss of profits, loss of opportunities, damages or expenses.


16. General provisions



In the case one of the clauses in this contract becomes null and void and non-existent as a result of a change in the law, regulations or by a legal decision, this will in no way affect the validity of and compliance with these General Rental Terms.


These General Rental Terms, the legal particulars and the booking documents sent to the customer form all of the contractual documents and constitute the whole of the contractual relations between the parties.


By accepting these General Rental Terms the customer expressly authorises Small Camp to photograph or film them during their stay and to use the photos, videos or sound recordings in all media and free of charge, and this for an indefinite period of time. This authorisation also applies to all people staying with the customer. Its aim is to enable the national and international promotion of Small Camp on its websites, in its brochures, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all future form of media communication, in commercial presentations or in tourist guidebooks.


17. Protection of personal data


  1. ​All personal data provided by the customer while booking their stay shall not be disclosed to any unauthorized third parties. This information is considered by Small Camp as confidential. They are used solely for the processing of the booking and to improve and personalise the offer of services reserved for the customers of Small Camp according to their centres of interest.
  2. Due to data protection provisions the customer is informed that the data administrator is present and each and every future owner of the company which concluded the agreement with the customer in the moment of booking, stated in the confirmation of booking, herein after, for the sake of data protection, referred to as Small Camp. All inquiries regarding data protection should be sent to our e-mail address: info@smallcamp.coop
  3. Small Camp processes the personal data submitted by the customer in relation to the booking because it is necessary to do so in order to complete the booking and thereby comply with the agreement as well as to comply with the legal obligations imposed on Small Camp.
  4. Small Camp also processes the personal data for marketing purposes. The customer has the right to unsubscribe from receiving marketing information by sending a request to our e-mail address:  info@smallcamp.coop
  5. Some personal data may be used for statistical purposes in order to optimize our service. The data may also be used by third party review sites in order to evaluate the quality of your stay in the holiday home and/or the provided services. At all times the customer has the right to withdraw the consent to the processing of personal data for these purposes.
  6. To the extent that it is necessary to do so, Small Camp  transfers relevant personal data from your booking to facility owners, other companies within the Small Camp group of companies, business partners such as service offices, cleaning companies, credit card companies, insurance companies and to public authorities, in order to carry out the rental, to request correct and secure payment, or to the extent that it may be necessary in relation to applicable legislation.
  7. The personal data are kept only for as long as it is required, either in relation to the purpose for which they were obtained or in relation to applicable legislation. At all times, the customer can:
  • access to his personal data,
  • amend or delete the data if their processing is no longer required to fulfilment of the agreement or against the law,
  • limit the use of his data,
  • the right to make a complaint to a supervisory authority.


18. COVID-19 and consequences of future epidemic events


Due to safety regulations introduced by the threat caused by coronavirus pandemic all guests are obliged to follow the rules and regulations applicable in the destination country as well as the campsite rules in this respect. Small Camp shall not be responsible for any restrictions to possibility of using any of the services and facilities offered by the campsite.




Charging electric cars/motorcycles from the sockets in mobile homes/tents is forbidden. Otherwise the customer might be charged 100 EUR extra for the additional power consumption.

Appendix no. 1 – PRICE RULES


  1. NON-REF OFFER (non-refundable)

Changes: Changes are not allowed.

Cancellation policy:

  • If the customer cancels the booking, the amount paid will not be refunded in any case.
  • If the booking is cancelled due to Small Camp’s fault, the customer will be refunded the whole amount paid.


If the customer does not arrive on the campsite on their scheduled arrival date, and will not inform about late arrival within 24 hours they will be considered a “no-show” and a refund shall not apply.

Early check-in

Early check-in, if possible, will be charged at 30 EUR.

If the booking starts on the same day as the previous booking ends, early check-in is not possible.


Changes: Changes are allowed up to 3 days before arrival.

  1. In the case where an amendment incurs an additional cost the customer will be obliged to pay the price difference.
  2. In the case where an amendment results in a reduced cost the following conditions apply:
  • If the amendment is made up to 14 prior to the initial arrival date, the price difference will be refunded to the customer,
  • If the amendment is made 14 days or less prior to the initial arrival date, no refund will be made.

Cancellation policy:

  • Up to 30 days before arrival cancellation will be free of charge
  • The booking can be cancelled less than 30 days before, but the refund will amount to 80% of the total booking price. The customer may also choose the compensation voucher for the total amount paid. The voucher is valid for a year from the issue date and can be used in any of the Small Camp locations.


If the customer does not arrive on the campsite on their scheduled arrival date, and will not inform about late arrival within 24 hours they will be considered a “no-show” and a refund shall not apply.

Early check-in

Early check-in, if possible, will be charged at 30 EUR.

If the booking starts on the same day as the previous booking ends, early check-in is not possible.

  1. FLEX OFFER (Flexible)


Changes are allowed up to 3 days before arrival without any extra charge.


Cancellation policy:

The booking can be cancelled up to 3 days before arrival without any extra chargé and 100% refund will apply.

If the cancellation is less than 3 days before arrival the Customer will be charged for the 1st night.


If the customer does not arrive on the campsite on their scheduled arrival date, and will not inform about late arrival within 24 hours they will be considered a “no-show” and will be charged for the 1st night.

If the customer fails to contact Small Camp after the first 24 hours from their scheduled arrival date, they will be considered a “no-show” and a refund shall not apply.

Early check-in:

Early check-in, if possible, will be charged at 30 EUR.

If the booking starts on the same day as the previous booking ends, early check-in is not possible.

The owner of the website is coop Sp. z o.o. (non for profit) based in Poland, in Tarnobrzeg 39-400, Sikorskiego 2, VAT no. 6342836443, KRS 0000546191, REGON 360922580